Your stage name is Mr. Pickles? How did you come up with that?

I made it up at the first rock band camp. We were messing around and I made up the name.  It just came to me.

How many rock band camps have you done?

Four rock band camps. I’ve been lead singer and played the bass guitar. 

What role in the band do you like best?

I like the bass the best. I like the way it sounds. I think it’s cool, it’s darker. It’s a lower sound.

How do you pick?

It helps to find out what instrument you like the best, you rotate around to different rooms with different instruments. Then you write down your top three choices and then the instructors help place people where they will go in the band. 

Talk about your first rock band camp.

At the first rock band camp, I didn’t know anyone but I made a lot of friends. It was really fun and we had a thread that you pass around and everyone got tangled up and we connected.

How did you write a song as a group? 

One girl who was our vocals and keyboard, she was crying because she couldn’t decide if she wanted to share a song she had written with us, but we ended up writing a song about her being scared to share it. 

What was your favorite band name?

Our favorite was the mash-up of Dudes with Unicorns. The Dudicorns. 

How did you feel about playing a show at the Top Hat?

I was nervous and excited. I like playing for a crowd. It’s really fun to show people how powerful music is. It’s loud. It’s fun to be able to dye my hair and have a mohawk and be creative.  It makes the audience get excited.

Why do people need music?

It makes you happier, opens up your heart, makes you feel warm. It makes me feel that there’s somewhere that all these different feelings can go. 

What do you love about the ZACC?

It’s artistic there. I like seeing art on the walls. It’s cool that there’s so much creativity and everything is tied together.


What’s next for you?

Me and my friends want to form a band. There’s four of us. 


What would you like to see more of from the ZACC?

I would like to do a rock show at the ZACC. 


If the ZACC were a song, what would it be?

Happy by Pharrell.