What the world needs now is more monsters. That’s what an eight-year-old Asa Smetanka decided when he conjured up the Missoula Monster Project.

Launching from his illustrated monster book, the ZACC helped connect his work with a group of adult artists who made their own Asa-inspired monsters for a gallery showing. 

Since 2015, the ZACC in partnership with SPARK!/Any Given Child has facilitated the Missoula Monster Project - a collaboration between kindergarteners at three Missoula schools and local adult artists that interpret the kids’ monsters and create their own. 

While the ZACC gave him the freedom to run with his idea, Asa would like to see more physical creative space at the new ZACC - not to mention more gallery walls to display his next creation. “A giant collab,” he calls it. 

To Asa, the ZACC is a  place that helps people overcome their fears. 

Nothing scary about that. 

Make. Believe. What better place to do this than the ZACC?