For Kim, the path to art therapy and to the ZACC began with a lifelong, personal connection to art.  A calling to help people led her toward the pursuit of a psychology major and a career in healthcare, yet art was always there. She knew there was a connection between art and psychology and wanted to go deeper. 

Primarily working with kids under 18, Kim has had a studio at the ZACC since 2011 She came in to learn more and serendipitously the ZACC was looking for an art therapist in residence. Her current space doubles as an art studio and a place to meet with clients. 

“My mission and the ZACC’s mission lend to one another so well,” observes Kim. Her clients get to be individuals in their sessions, but then have the opportunity to interact with the ZACC community. They are learning collaboration and creativity and compromise. 

The reverse has also proven true. ZACC employees have recommended clients to Kim. Other visitors to the ZACC have simply knocked on her door. 

So this place has become an intersection in its own right, bringing people together. Art is a natural way to promote diversity in any community. “In art you can be or do whatever you want. You are accepted,” says Kim. 

A new ZACC is one of even more experiences. Among other things, Kim would like to see more space for screenprinting, more kilns – heck, more sinks! She would also like to have a more quiet, private space to provide a retreat surrounded by and with a doorway into the creative messy jubilant chaos once again. 

Accept all. Exceptional. This is the ZACC.