WHAT is the ZACC?


As a nonprofit arts community center providing facilities and expertise, the Zootown Arts Community Center delivers all ages art education, fosters sustainable community development, and promotes accessible, life-enriching art experiences for Missoula residents and visitors.

As the creative hub of our community, the ZACC offers a variety of educational programs for youth and adults designed to unlock our student's unique creative potential. We offer space and support for artists, a free community art supply closet, a public printshop, a paint-your-own-pottery and glass fusing studio, and an all ages music space, events, summer camps, music workshops, art workshops and more. 


The ZACC envisions a community in which art plays a central role in enriching lives, community engagement and education.



The arts foster civic engagement, stimulate economic activity and increase cultural empathy, while playing a crucial role in sustaining thriving communities.

Everyone deserves access to a variety of arts and cultural expereiences.

Arts education is central to the development of all children and to ongoing creative engagement for people of all ages.

Artists and arts organizations require a social environment that values and supports their contributions and encourages innovation.

The breadth, depth and diversity of artistic and cultural life are critical measures of the vitality of Missoula.

In the last 10 years the ZACC has created: