Eight-year-old Parker Moles has always liked all things art, ever since she started drawing made-up flowers with pastels in daycare. Parker still gets inspiration from nature.

She also sees art as her gift to others. Her most recent ceramic creations included a multi-room house complete with furniture, a water pitcher decorated with shredded clay formed using a garlic press and a delectable ceramic cupcake – each piece a gift to someone in her family.

“I like to make art with people in mind. I get inspired by the people I’m going to give it to, “ Parker says. She made a blue mug to give to her grandmother because blue is her favorite color. “Normally it’s easy to give stuff away.”

Just as art has inspired a sense of giving for Parker, the ZACC also gives back to so many kids. “The ZACC has been very generous to Parker, doubling the number of camps she can do with scholarship assistance,” Parker’s Aunt Chandra reflects on her niece’s experience.  “They do things to foster her imagination, take her outside, really encourage her creativity. The ZACC is a good, relaxed atmosphere.” 

Parker has found that art helps her concentrate, creates excitement especially when anticipating how her ceramic creations will turn out after the kiln. She has learned new techniques like “scratch and attach” for working with clay. And like clay, the ZACC continues to shape who she is. 

She has made friends at camp. She does art together with family. She wants to do more. 

Stay wild child. Supporting the ZACC gives art the space it needs to keep growing.