Like so many Missoulians, we value living in a community that embraces the arts culture. We are dedicated to Missoula’s vision to become a renowned arts community by giving our time and resources. We would like to take this opportunity to ask you to join us in acknowledging the importance of the arts by giving too.

We believe the arts teach us how to connect across generations, socio-economics and belief systems. The arts encourage us to better understand ourselves and the world in which we live. The arts also provide a means to communicate when language fails us. We know the arts contribute to economic prosperity. We have seen the arts create an important outlet in healing. Most importantly, we believe that these benefits must be accessible to all, not just a fortunate few.

To achieve the important benefits and universal access, a flourishing arts community requires exceptional facilities such as art museums, performing arts theaters, art galleries and music venues in which the arts can be experienced and appreciated. More importantly, a vibrant arts community must also have organizations dedicated to fostering practitioners and creators of art. It is the artist, not the facility, that is the true foundation of an art community. There is no better way to establish this foundation than a thriving local community art center, and the opportunities it provides with respect to education, community connections and arts access.  For Missoula, no other organization better fulfills this mission than the Zootown Arts Community Center (ZACC).

Thanks to our community’s continued support of the ZACC, the programs offered by this unique nonprofit have helped thousands of people achieve their creative potential, appreciate art and improve their ability to communicate and connect.  The ZACC is one of the cornerstones of our arts community. It is an integral and essential component in achieving our goal of making Missoula a leading arts community.

We are excited to lead the effort to build an expanded, more accessible and permanent home for the ZACC. The new facility will provide future generations of Missoulians and visitors to our thriving arts community the opportunity to experience the transformative power of the ZACC. We invite you to join us in supporting the ZACC to raise funds for their extraordinary new facility."

Nick and Robin Checota
ZACC Capital Campaign Co-Chairs

Our vision requires your support. Be an active part of the ZACC's expanded access. Provide more creative outlets for more Missoulians. Browse new exhibits. Take a class. Rock out. Make something. Build confidence. Together we can tell more stories.

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